The Edgar Cayce Library

The largest library in North America dedicated to personal growth, health and the oneness of all life.

Entrance to the Edgar Cayce LibraryTThis is the unofficial site for the Edgar Cayce Library. The library is made available by the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the A.R.E. (ARE) Inside the library is material relating to spiritual & personal growth. The topics are numerous and include material on metaphysics, comparative religious studies, holistic health and ancient civilizations.

Today the library houses over 75,000 volumes including a complete copy of the massive Complete Edgar Cayce Readings, the largest private collection in the world on Atlantis known as the Egerton Sykes Collection, and a large collection on psychic experiences & alternative treatment known as the Andrew Jackson Davis collection. The library also has a large collection of video, audio and reference material. Aside from the many rare books in the collections, most of the library volumes are available by mail out order.
The vision of the library is:
To provide library service, enhance spiritual community, strengthen connectedness within the Association, foster personal growth, encourage "the love of God and man," and promote the oneness of all life in the experience of those who seek greater consciousness. All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world. - Edgar Cayce       Edgar Cayce Book on Metaphysics
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States 23451-2061
Mon-Thu: 11-6pm, Fri: 11-5pm
Sat: 10-5pm, Sun: 12-5pm
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas
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